WHAT is it??....Imagine it somehow like this.´On the dark coastal highway,cool
wind in my hair...´and the music goes on and you remember the lirycs by heart
,as you drive on the highway or walk the beach at night,then all of the sudden
appears before you something that looks a bit like a castle in fance.But you
know you are neither in California nor in France ,but now,as the song comes to
the chorus,it says...
.¨WELcome to Villa Belmar¨
Receptionist from time to time,looks a bit strange but this is just because not one else would
dare approach those ear biting,finger-claping vicius parrots,let alone have them sit on his
shoulder.He has to take care of them. Basically the bloke is rather harmless,and the only
justified parallel to the song is that you might
never really want to leave,because Villa
Belmar is a home away from home and you will carry a small piece of us with in you , wherever
you will go
We are located in the beautiful famous surft-beach of
The ocean breeze reaches the hotel without any obstacle,
at first the swimming pool,which,in spite of its 70x38ft.
looks rather small on the picture,because the big-salt
water-wavey swimming pool in the background, and then
rustling in the leaves and branches of the trees, eventually
reaching the rooms and the balconies on which
you can enjoy the view as well as the cool fresh ocean air
The "Tree Angels"At the beach club, features some truly outstanding architecture apart from the
excellent cuisine,of course! .When you have to leave,you might want to alter the song,which
brought you here in first place,just a little:'..
.and you can check out any time you lake,but
you will never want to leave!'
If you like to "Rock "We provide you with some especially crafted designer-seats to do just
we do have the Eagles*,we also try to keep a couple of angels*around for your
company.*Actually,they are not angels but fauns,but who has ever heard,that the 'Hell's
Fauns'rode into town on their motorbikes?.
Our suites are dividend into 6 categories,depending on the size and the feactures.The apartment
suite consist actually of two rooms.
They have been designed to provide a maximum of comfort thus must of them  have a
The apartament suites consist actually of two rooms,they have been designed to provide a
maximum of comfort thus they have a kitchenette.
Many suites feature ,kitchenette and ocean view,so that,living in the Hotel Belmar Beach
Hotel castle,you will soon feel king of the hill
Pets are admited under the owner's responsibillity and the owner*is liable for harm and
damages to people and property.
The owner,for the porpouse of this reclaimer,is :The person of persons that introduce the
pet Hotel's permises and or keep it in their hotel suite
Rates& Description
Rates& Description
during the most the year
Suites : From 50 U.S Dollars/Night.2 persons   and
                   900 U.S./Month.   
                      Also we have weekly rates